Why Writing a Book Will Be Your Business Breakthrough

natasa denman writing a book

Business is more competitive than ever and getting heard over your competitors is difficult.  Depending on your industry, the big players can have unlimited marketing budgets and the ability to saturate the marketplace.  Small business owners need to fight the fight on their terms, by seeking a competitive advantage. To be successful, business owners need to stand out from the pack and the best way to be the authority figure and expert in their niche is by writing a book. 

There are many schools of thought on the timing of writing a book.  Some teach that you need to be successful and then you write your book while I believe that it is better to write your book, which in turn, will make you become successful, if you do it the right way.

Every business, especially those of a service based nature such as consultants, mentors and coaches can win themselves new clients quickly after becoming an author and writing a book. 

It is an instant credibility booster and the best business card you can ever have.  You are quickly elevated as the expert and someone who has had the knowledge and commitment to put all of your expertise down in writing.

writing a book

Consider you own purchasing habits.  You have identified that you need a particular service so you need to choose a provider.  You might ask around to see if anyone can recommend someone or start to look online for options. 

You narrow it down to two businesses.  One of the providers has their book on their website and their Opt In has the ability to get the introduction and first chapter for FREE.  The other one has some nice copy explaining who they are and what they do.

Who do you choose?

If you were like most people in this situation, you would gravitate to the business owner who has written the book.  Why?  If someone has the dedication and confidence in their knowledge with writing a book on their niche, they are perceived as more of an expert. 

Experts will not only get more new customers coming into their business; they are also able to charge more for their product or service. 

My journey of writing a book


natasa denman writing a book

This was exactly the journey I had after I wrote my first book 4 years ago.  At the time I was a weight loss coach specializing in the mindset component of weight loss rather than being a PT or nutritionist.

I had just completed my diploma of coaching and was struggling to attract the amount of clients I had set s a target as there were so many others in this industry.

I knew what I was doing worked as my clients I did have were getting results.

Networking and face to face meetings was the only thing I knew back then so I quickly realized I needed a hook and a point of difference.

I then wrote my book over the next 80 days and self published The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Weight Loss.

My books arrived a few months later and then something funny happened.

At the next networking event I attended, I held up my book and did the same introduction I did every time but added “And I have just published this book”

Even though I was the same person I was offering the same ‘Rapid assessment session’ this time I had four people book in for a time.  Three became clients.

Over the next 2 months I fully booked my coaching practice as word spread of this weight loss coach who had written a book.  I had cracked the code.

The ROI Of Writing A Book

You don’t need to sell hundreds of thousands of books to make writing a book worthwhile.  Depending on your product or service, selling two or three of your packages could earn back your publishing costs, not to mention your book sales.

Someone I helped write their book recently has given away more of his books than he has sold but he understands the value of having his books out there in the world.

The media picked up his story and he is currently having the largest personal and business growth in his entire 10 years in business.  You see, he understood the uniqueness that having a book in his industry, locksmithing would have.

Many business owners contact me curious but apprehensive that they have enough knowledge, or intellectual property in their head for writing a book.  All I say to them is, you are the expert in your life. 

What you know and what you have overcome to get to where you are now in your business is a unique story. 

You are essentially writing a book to your past self, teaching them what they needed to know back then.  What you have learnt, what you would’ve done differently, what worked and what didn’t. 

Writing a book helps with your sales funnel

Writing a book is also a great entry level into your businesses sales funnel.

We know, or should know the importance of a sales funnel.  Having something that you give away for free (still must be incredibly valuable) to gain trust and position yourself as a person with whom the potential client might do business.  Look at any successful individuals website and they will have a ‘giveaway’ on their home page. 

Once you have your amazing ‘free’ offer, you need to have another low cost option for people to be able to buy.  A book is a perfect next step.  Very few people will buy your $10,000 program without first seeing if what you have at a low or no cost is incredible.

I wish I knew the power of social media back when I wrote my first book.

These days and with my subsequent 6 books I have been able to reach people not only in Australia but also around the world.

Whether it is on Amazon or through my Facebook and LinkedIN, being able to put your 3D book covers as visual aids has been a game changer.

It is a funny thing.  Even though you are the same person, all of a sudden people you used to look up to in your niche and very successful people start to notice you. This leads to great Joint Venture opportunities and quite often the ability to tap into their communities.

Over the last 3 years I have refined the process and even developed my business to now help other business owners from all across Australia writing a book and become published authors.

Over 100 people from all industries and niches have gone from having writing a book on their bucket list to making that dream a reality and their lives and businesses have changed for the better.

Many of them have reported back that they have doubled and tripled their client base while others have had success getting paid speaking gigs, and Joint venture partnerships, some even on an International stage.

How to leverage your new book

Here are the 5 ways I have discovered to leverage new business opportunities from writing a book.

  1. Add the title ‘author’ to all of your profiles.  By simply doing this, it suddenly makes you the industry leader and authority figure on your niche.  Perception is reality so if you have the knowledge to write a book, you are therefore a trusted advisor and someone who others will want to work with.
  2. Use a chapter or the introduction as a giveaway ‘opt-in.’ On your website, give your potential clients/customers a taste of what your book, and your business are like.  This is a huge credibility booster and value add which again shows you as the person who can solve your clients problems.
  3. Use Social Media to spread the word about you newly published book.  Utilize the power of social media to get your name out there by sharing snippets of your book, maybe even releasing a chapter on your Facebook business page with a link to your book sales page where readers can purchase themselves a complete copy.  This is still the fastest way to be exposed to a huge number of potential new clients.
  4. Use your new book as your new business card.  Carry your book everywhere you go.  Take a copy to networking events, seminars and any social get together you are attending.  When people ask, “What do you do?” you now have a great way to get a conversation going about your business which is much more captivating that usual.  (Just remember to keep a box of books in the boot of your car for any random book sale!)
  5. Send media releases to local journalists and editors.  Here is your best opportunity ever for you to get free publicity for your business.  Don’t fall for the mistake of telling the media you have written a book, they simply won’t care.  Instead, tell them how your ‘story’ will add value to the readers/viewers of their publication/program etc. and why the problem you solve is newsworthy.  When the journalist checks out your profile they will immediately see that you are a credible person for a story as you have published a book in your field of expertise.  Now you have a hook.

Business wont get any easier until you find a way to get your message heard by more people than ever before.  There is no better way I know than writing a book on your business and watch the new clients roll on in.

Natasa Denman is the next generation business mentor and product generator specialist.  The founder of Ultimate 48 Hour Author, a book writing mentorship program, Natasa is the author of 6 books herself – The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Weight Loss, Ninja Couch Marketing, You Can Live The Life Of Your Dreams, Ultimate 48 Hour Author, Natasa Denman Reveals 1000 Days to a Million Dollar Coaching Business and the soon to be released Bums on Seats.  For more information on writing a book visit www.ultimate48hourauthor.com.au or email book@ultimate48hourauthor.com.au

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