This Morning Routine Trap Steals Your Momentum

morning routine

Contained herein, is the simplest but most profound distinction that is  holding your morning routine momentum hostage and demanding an expensive ransom.

This is the biggest single factor of all time that makes or break your morning routine of success.

This factor has proven accurate in my own life and every single client and friend I’ve ever worked with who cares about growth and progress and rocking their mornings like they were born doing it.

It’s powerful.

Even better, it can be applied to all kinds of stuff, not just mornings… as you shall see.
It’s like a swiss army knife at the breakfast table.

But I’ll go even bolder.

If you don’t understand and live by what I describe in this short 8-minute read and you hope to dominate your mornings, you will be stuck hoping for the rest of your life.

*Behold*, the mental tweak I describe here MUST be plugged into every mind of every warm-blooded humanoid who desires to create and maintain a Miracle Morning… or consistency with any new habit, ritual or routine.

I dare you to prove me wrong.

Actually, don’t do that, because that would be really lame for you and you already know what that sucker-punch kinda life feels like… and I don’t want anything but UP-ness going on heretofore.

In case you’re wondering, to those who already achieve bulletproof mornings, every morning, need not venture herein because you have these mental tweaks in place already, whether you know it or not.

But, even if you rock your morning already, just imagine what happens if you actually became aware of this principle?

So what’s going on with your morning routine?

morning routine 2

Up until now, you didn’t know what you didn’t know.
So part of your morning momentum issues really aren’t your fault. I’ve been there.
We’ve all been there.

It’s almost predictable though because *the industry has set you up for failure by getting people to focus and think about the wrong things*
(grind, willpower, force, limiting beliefs, etc).

Nobody talks about the things you’ll hear in this short post cuz they’re not cute and cuddly tactics and strategies backed by science and gone viral.


This isn’t any of that, however… it’s the M-1 tank that you bring to the knife fight.

It’s an unfair advantage. Like most of the things I share, it’s the 20% that moves the 80%. Or the 4% that moves the 20% which moves the 80%.

And it lies entirely subsurface, beneath your awareness, where it wreaks havoc, but it is by far the most powerful factor as to why humans struggle with any kind of achievement.
Let alone morning success rituals.

Before we get there, keep in mind the ground rules of growth.

Installing a morning routine is tricky for humanoids because the opposition you’re fighting against is mostly internal. We’re not just 1’s and 0’s. (Sorry to break it to you, it’s unlikely you will ever turn into a robot).

Your expectation should be that there’s always going to be resistance, no robotic execution of tasks.


Because there is always choice involved. We don’t achieve success robotically. Nobody ever has.

It will always take a speck of heart and gut.

It’s meant to be that way.

morning routine 3

Mr. Resistance shows up when we’re doing the meaningful growth kind of stuff in life, like creating a morning routine that sets us up to be successful.

We get resistance when we move forward in life.

There’s no resistance moving sideways in life.

What you have to look forward to isn’t robotic execution of your mornings, it’s mindfulness and purpose that quiets the resistance over time and turns you into a conscious human with superpowers.

As you grow, your capacities and tools and resources increase so it seems simpler and easier to maintain forward motion no matter what resistance shows up… but the dynamics never ever change.

Resistance is. It’s supposed to be. Own that fact.

That said, the human side of you, can be your friend if you know how to communicate with it.

But here’s what typically happens anytime we’re trying to create change in life.
Since we’re creatures of habit, lots of times growth stuff is outside of our comfort zone. So our mind does this little thing where it computes the required input with the unknown outcome and determines it’s better, safer, more comfortable for us to stay where we’re at and REMAIN who we’ve always been.

This is the trusty lizard brain whispering non-sensicalities at us.

Your human-natured lizard head does it’s job on cue with a loud loud speaker.

It has this pesky little voice that is so annoying sometimes you wish you could do some thorough harm to it. But you can’t.

Sounds kinda like this, in a whiney three-year old tone: “So, you wanna do that morning thing? Really? Oh, Seth, we’ve been there before and we know how it turns out. You’re not a morning routine kind of person. What’re you doing? You’re crazy. It’s vacation. Your routine is lame anyways. We’d like to sleep in because it’s easy, and that’s what we’ve always done. So hit the snooze button. You need your sleep.”

Sound familiar?


Ever heard something like that going on upstairs? There’s 1000 versions of it all with the same whininess.

Enter, superhero powers…

Alas, your trusty human nature underestimates you.
Here’s where you turn the tables and bend your human nature to actually work for you, and not against you.

Buried in that mess of whiney words is a capability that if tapped, turns you into a machine of awesome.

Want to know what it is?

Now, let’s dig.

You have this thing, which I believe is the single most important factor the causes success and failure when it comes to make and sticking to any kind of change.

**Your strongest leverage point in life:**

Your core human tendency to remain consistent and congruent with how you see yourself is the most powerful force in your life.


Gut check time.

Let me ask you a question, point blank.


*When considering a morning routine, your morning routine, do you even see yourself as the type of person that rocks their morning routine every day?*

Chances are, if you’ve been struggling with a morning routine, you don’t, because you’re *chasing* the novel idea of a morning routine. You’re toying with it and your human nature trumps that kinda of wussy shallow level commitment. Therefore, you’re still dealing with that extreme power which wants to remain consistent with who you’ve always been.

What must you do?

**You must change how you see yourself**.
You must level up your identity. I call it core levelling.

It’s an emphatic, powerful and simple choice.

You must choose to see yourself as not only somebody that does their morning routine like a rock star, but it becomes so beneath you, as far as the level of operation, that it’s not even on the radar. It’s normal.

It’s a normal choice. A normal movement. Not out of the ordinary. NBD. Ain’t no big deal.
It’s essentially and fundamentally part of who you are. Inseparable. Indistinguishable.

THAT is where the magic lives, my friend.

When you see yourself as the rockstar of your mornings in life. Each morning is just another tour stop. A concert.

morning routine

And *your blessed human nature*, the one that science defines and humanity resents, *kicks in to actually keep you in line with who you believe yourself to be.

Did you get that?

Your mind should make a nice popping sound if you did.
**This is the most powerful principle in all of personal development**.


We’ve taken that same power of human congruence and bent it to our will.

When you choose to see the change in yourself as part of who you are, your human nature, which used to smack you around, tease you, beat you up and leave you for dead, actually HELPS you succeed.


Because instead of saying “ah we’re too tired to wake up” it will say “Seth, what are you doing still in bed?”

Yep. Soak that up fair soldier.

This single principle is why as a private consultant to entrepreneurs and executives I’m able to step into the lives of those who have previously struggled with XYZ change/habit/action and install it like software, fast and permanent, (morning rituals and routines included).

We’ve already talked about how we make a big deal out of stuff.

When the dust settles, morning routines should not be a big deal for you.

It should be effortless.

And when it is, how much of your willpower is left to fight the rest of the day? Answer: all of it. The willpower is only used up when you are trying to be something you are not.

You’re not just a soldier anymore. You’re a Sergeant Major.

morning routine

Now, let’s be clear.

If you don’t get to where you rock your morning routine on an identity level, mark my words, you will never rock your morning routine. It will always be a struggle. It will always be a big deal. It will wear you out. It will exhaust your willpower and you will give up.

But if you do get there, all of a sudden you have that same powerful human emotion and desire to remain consistent and congruent with your new identity, which is: “Hi, I am [INSERT YOUR NAME].
I rock my morning routine like it ain’t no thing.”

There you go. Now you know.

No more excuses. It’s on you to step up.

Take any morning routine, sprinkle this fine factor all over it and it’ll taste like Christmas morning over and over.

You’re worth it.

Now, this has been just one principle. Allbeit the most important.
But there are THREE PRINCIPLES doing their havoc on humanity.

You need the other two. For that, go grab the entire report here.

Go. Fight. Win.


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