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It was great to catch up last week with Ian Aldridge from Progressive Legal to discuss his new Legal Shield platform.

I’ve known Ian as being an extremely switched-on legal eagle, who established great experience and skills working at large corporates and big law firms.

Ian then became frustrated because of the poor service that these big firms were providing to small businesses.

He also found through mentoring hundreds of small businesses that many of these startups had poor legal advice – or none at all!

The challenge for startups is that they need an experienced lawyer to draft up their documents and provide advice, but rarely have the budget to make this happen.

Ian saw an opportunity and decided to create Legal Shield. It’s an Australian first where start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners can get ongoing access to a specialist lawyer and all the legal documents they need. The great news is instead of being hit with thousands of dollars of upfront costs, the fees are spread through an affordable monthly membership.

“My goal with Legal Shield is to shift legal services from last resort to first point of call” says Aldridge.

Aldridge doesn’t just talk – he showed me behind the scenes of Legal Shield last week and the rhetoric matches the delivered outcomes.

When a new client signs up for Legal Shield, they undertake a detailed diagnostic assessment, uncovering potential legal weaknesses in all parts of the business. Once the diagnostic is complete, the business owner feels far more comfortable that they are strongly protected against potential future risks.

Inside the Legal Shield platform resides a wide range of training videos so that business owners can get sensible, practical advice across most areas.

Legal Shield offers different packages to suit various budgets.

What really appeals is the Unlimited contact to the Progressive Legal Team. Of course it is subject to fair use, but it is refreshing to see that you can ask simple legal questions without wondering how much it is going to cost.

I can confidently recommend Legal Shield to small and medium businesses. shield-small- business-lawyer/

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