Nine LinkedIn Tips to Find Your Perfect Client


Entrepreneurs often put in a lot of effort to generate leads on LinkedIn. They connect with other members, they comment on quality articles, they join groups and tailor their profile. Yet in many cases, these entrepreneurs still fail. Why?

LinkedIn is not a static marketing channel. It requires creative thinking about what clients on LinkedIn are looking to get out of engaging with you. LinkedIn is a professional network. It’s not just a job search site, and it’s certainly NOT another Facebook.

You cannot leverage the advanced search features of LinkedIn if you do not know WHO to look for. 

1. Your Customer Avatar

Succeeding on LinkedIn requires you to develop a customer avatar. A theoretical perfect client. The benefits of identifying your customer avatar are numerous:

  • More engagement with your target market.
  • Differentiation on a platform overrun with “me too” offerings.
  • Less time wasted on clients who don’t buy.
  • Social proof to build your credibility with paying customers.

Identifying your customer avatar can be challenging, but the results can pay big dividends in the end. Here are some tips to make identification easier:

2. Be specific on LinkedIn

There are thousands of potential clients on LinkedIn, and you can’t possibly target them all. Pick a specific subset of clients within your niche. For example, if you offer HVAC equipment, your customer avatar might be a plumbing business owner with a few work teams and a preference to buy with credit.

3. Think money and size

LinkedIn Advanced Search allows you to pick the company size, by the number of employees and also the “Fortune” criteria. Identify the size of your perfect prospect with these variables and you can “zero” on your avatar.LinkedIn

4. Target people

Even if you sell B2B services, you’re going to be working with people who manage businesses. After all, LinkedIn is a social networking platform. Your avatar might be an ambitious entrepreneur, conservative business owner, or a cost-sensitive purchasing manager.

5. Think personally

You need to dig down deep to understand the emotional and interpersonal dynamics that drive your sales. For example, an entrepreneur launching an aggressive startup would be willing to take big risks or seek additional funding if your offerings had the potential for a huge payoff later down the road. Therefore, your customer avatar would be an entrepreneur wants to be a market leader and impress his investors.

6. Target a fresh niche

Your clients are not your competitor’s clients. Copying your successful competitor’s customer avatar will just make you the second choice. Clients never buy from their second choice. Your customer avatar, therefore, should be a client whose needs are not effectively satisfied in the current competitive environment on LinkedIn.

The overall key to identifying your customer avatar is to find a starving crowd of prospects who need and can afford your services. Starving prospects are thrilled to connect with you and initiate engaging dialogue that can lead to conversions. A well-researched customer avatar, combined with effective execution, can make you a big success on LinkedIn.

The overall key to identifying your customer avatar is to find a starving crowd of prospects who need AND can afford your services.

7. Researching the Perfect Client with Advanced Search

One of the best aspects of LinkedIn is that the platform is tailored to professionals seeking effective engagement with other professionals. LinkedIn’s business strategy means less time wasted on smalltalk and internet trolls.

To function more effectively as a professional tool, LinkedIn offers a suite of advanced search features that can help you evaluate the competitive landscape, identify underserved niches, and understand who your customers are. Below is an overview of how to effectively leverage LinkedIn’s advanced search features:

You would be surprised how many professionals have never even seen LinkedIn’s advanced search feature. The ability to search by school, company, location, and job title is invaluable for anyone digging for prospects online.

LinkedIn Advanced Search Features -available for premium members- allows you to refine your results by picking the Groups, Years of experience, Function, Industry, Company size, Fortune EVEN the interests!

It makes NO sense to NOT take advantage of this amazing time saver!


8. Quoted searches

Phrases encapsulated in quotation marks are returned as though they are one word. For example, if you search for “managed a truck dealership in Miami,” your results page wouldn’t be filled with professionals who offer truck parts and attended a trade show in Miami.

9. Use Boolean search criteria

What are the Boolean search phrases? “Boolean searches rely on specific modifiers to help you find results more closely related to the types of profiles you need to find. You can build search strings in the Keywords, Title, Name and Company fields. The modifiers you can include in Recruiter are quotes, parenthesis, AND, OR and NOT.” -Source LinkedIn-

Just use Boolean search phrases as you ordinarily would in the English language.

You will be surprised how much more effectively you can search online with a few Boolean terms.

LinkedIn makes it easy to engage with your prospects once you reach out to them. Now that your page is optimised for your customer avatar, you can expect your prospects to be more willing to engage and understand how your offerings can add value. Effective use of LinkedIn can help you generate more leads and initiate conversations that can lead to huge sales in the future.

LinkedIn has been a great source of new business for the Feed A Starving Crowd agency. You are welcome to connect with me on the platform.

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