Online Marketing – How To Idiot Proof Your Campaigns

Online Marketing - Idiot Proof

3 Simple Steps That Have Helped A Business Almost Double Their Customer Base

The Internet is changing so fast these days, sometimes it’s hard to keep up and know what to do with online marketing.

One moment the key to success is Google SEO. The next it’s Facebook.

Some marketing agencies tell you to invest in Adwords. Others insist that offline advertising is still vital.

It’s confusing… it’s frustrating… it’s enough to leave even the most patient person tearing their hair out.

That’s why I want to share 3 simple tips can help you to foolproof your online marketing campaigns.

These insights are backed by more than 10 years experience. I have used them while working with more than 1,000 clients. and believe they can help you too.

Here they are:

No 1 – Connect With The Right Message in Your Online Marketing

Obviously the ultimate goal of online marketing is to attract more targeted leads.

But what if your leads have no clue who you are or even why they should care about your business?

Well in this situation promoting your Facebook business page, or getting your brand ranked on Google’s first page, is a waste of time.

Nobody pays attention to a business they have never heard of. So you have to introduce yourself to them by providing information they want.

One effective way to do this is to find out what people need to know to buy from you, then provide this information.

For example, when MIT came to Arrow Internet Marketing for help, they were struggling to attract International students.

We looked carefully at the data.

We realised many International students might be interested in attending MIT.

But the information they needed to make a decision wasn’t readily available in their home countries.

So we set up ‘open days’ in India and other countries to tell new students about courses and facilities.

The results were eye-opening…

We almost doubled their international student enrolment rate!

No 2 – Connect Through The Right Medium

There is an endless variety of traffic sources available online and offline today. These include Google, Facebook, Newspapers and TV.

But not all of them will work for your business.

For example, when we first took on MIT as a client, they were also struggling to get leads in Australia.

The problem?

They were advertising on billboards. But their target audience – students – were ignoring the billboards because they were engrossed in social media, with their eyes always on their mobile screens..

We implemented Facebook marketing to better reach that target audience.

Soon they were able to connect more effectively with the type of prospects they needed.

They boosted their enrolment dramatically and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra fees.

No 3 – Connect With The Right Online Marketing Team

Another important factor you have to take into account is your marketing team.

An inexperienced team will not only generate a poor return on investment, they can also potentially harm your business in the long term.


By alienating potential customers and getting you reprimanded by Facebook or Google… or even getting you banned.

Imagine what a disaster that would be for your business – losing those valuable sources of leads forever.

Don’t’ let that happen!

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