How To Get More Leads By Combining Your Online And Offline Marketing

Online Marketing Expert Jasmine Batra

An Expert’s Advice Based On More Than 1,013 Campaigns

As you know, the world is not black and white…

So when I see online and offline marketing consultants arguing about which is best, it always makes me smile.

Sure, the popularity of newspapers is fading, billboards are often ignored, and trade shows are expensive.

Yes, many people do carry a smartphone, check Facebook and/or Instagram habitually and use Google or Amazon to find products.

But despite these facts, in many situations offline marketing is still vital to generating leads.

With one caveat…

It Must Be Implemented Correctly…

Take our client, Melbourne Institute of Technology for example…

When they first came to us, they were doing a lot of offline marketing, but they were doing it the WRONG way.

They were advertising on billboards in Australia that were easy to ignore.

Potential students walked by with their eyes glued to a smartphone….never looking up, never paying attention to the message.

In fact, the return on investment was so bad, it would make even the most optimistic accountant wince.

When we analysed the results we immediately realised that:

Their offline marketing was not enticing.

Even worse, it was in the wrong country… the wrong continent… the wrong hemisphere in fact…

You see, the prospects Melbourne Institute of Technology wanted were International students who lived in places like India.

These students were eager to come to Australia to study, but they didn’t have enough information.Plus, they couldn’t afford to fly Down Under for the open days.

So we decided to bring the open days to them.

First, we developed an ONLINE marketing campaign in Facebook. The campaign theme was ‘Meet us in your country’.

Second, we arranged OFFLINE marketing in the form of ‘open days’ in the places where their potential students lived.

The results were astonishing!

Students loved the campaign because it solved one of the biggest headaches about coming to study in Australia – getting first-hand information about the courses and facilities at the education institutions.

And Melbourne IT loved the campaign because it increased their International student enrolment by an astonishing 97%.

Yes, combining offline and online can work incredibly well.

In fact, it’s so crucial to success that even Google, the king of the internet, still sends AdWords users direct mail.

How can you implement these strategies in your business?

The first step is to understand who your market is.

There is no point advertising to millennials in the business pages of a Broadsheet newspaper… but you can reach baby boomers that way.

Similarly, it would be insane to try to sell health insurance on Instagram.

Okay, these examples sound obvious, but believe it or not, over the last decade I’ve seen very smart companies make similar mistakes time and time again.

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