How to consistently reach your ideal client with lead generation

Last week I conducted a survey of my 13,000-member strong community. I asked a number of questions to find out their biggest business challenge around lead generation. And the results were surprising.

There was one challenge that stood head and shoulders out from the rest.

“I have trouble finding my ideal customer”

Some people were not sure where to advertise.

Some people always seem to attract “tyre kicker” enquiries who have no money to spend.

Some people were frustrated that just not enough people were coming through the door and felt helpless.

Our marketing agency manages a large amount of advertising spend for clients. And from experience we’ve found the best lead generation process to reach your ideal client, regardless of your advertising budget.

The Lead Generation process to consistently reach the ideal client


content marketing lead generation process

We have three factories, the Research Factory, the Sales Copy Factory and the Traffic Factory.

The reason why we have three factories is so we can systematise each step and become brilliant at each process.  Our goal is to consistently provide large scale lead generation for our clients, so we need to have tight procedures that are repeatable.

The Research Factory

content marketing research factory
The research factory produces transformational customer stories and detailed audience insights

This stage is the most important. When the audience research is excellent, the Sales Copy Factory and Traffic Factory have a much easier job.

We start with the “Client Superstar interview” process. What we’re looking to get from this process is ten amazing transformational stories from the client. Because 95% of all our marketing is story-based, we need a big library of awesome transformational stories to make this work. The best stories follow the pain->discovery->solution->results format, with tangible and emotional pain and results.

Then we complete the audience research process. This involves using SEO Keyword research tools (to see what people are searching for and how much volume is out there), Viral Article Research (to see which articles people most engaged with on social media) and competitive research (to see what ads competitors are running, where they run them and how much they are spending).

Once all of this research is complete, the top 10 industry articles are submitted to our Egnyte internal management system along with the other marketing assets. Then the Sales Copy Factory takes over.

The Sales Copy Factory

Sales Copy Factory
The Sales Copy Factory Process. High quality copywriting at scale

Now the Sales Copy Factory produces five marketing assets that we’ve found are needed to run successful lead generation campaigns.

The “7 things you need to know before hiring” is a proven winner over many years. That’s why we use it for our client work. We develop a high-quality landing page for people to download the 7 things report and an enquiry page on the report thank you page.

coorey report landing page
High quality special report landing page

What you will often find is many people download the report but don’t take the appointment offer. So it’s important to have a 5-part story-based email autoresponder sequence encouraging people to take the appointment.

From experience, if you just advertise straight to download pages and enquiry pages, the ads get tired on Facebook and your lead costs spiral out of control when you try to scale the campaigns.

So the way to avoid fatigue is to write two fresh lead generation articles a month and provide five headline tests per article.

coorey report article example
An article on the Coorey Report

This keeps the ads fresh and the cost to generate a lead as low as possible.

Once the copy is done, it goes through our rapid design and development process and is placed live on the Coorey Report.

We use the Coorey Report to house all client content because we can execute faster. There’s nothing worse than having the campaign ready to go and waiting on an overstretched outsourced web developer needing to make minor changes to the client site.

With the Coorey Report we can have consistent, professional campaigns running without relying on external developers.

And now the Traffic Factory takes over.

The Traffic Factory

traffic factory
The Traffic Factory. Reaching the ideal client at scale.

Like I mentioned before, the biggest challenge people had was how to reach their ideal client. So here’s how the Traffic Factory finds the right person by choosing the right platform.

Which advertising platform to use?

  • Google Adwords and Bing ads work best when the end user is already searching for the solution.
  • Google Display / Facebook ads are great when someone is NOT already searching for the solution and you need to create the demand.
  • Twitter is a hybrid between the two.
  • Native advertising is great for generating demand in broad markets and if you have a strong sales process.
  • Direct media buying and email blasts to affiliate databases is great when a client has a very high converting offer and wants to scale up.
  • Instagram and Pinterest are good options if a client is targeting just the Business to Consumer segment.
  • LinkedIn is obviously a winner if a client is targeting just the Business to Business segment.  The amount of targeting you can now do with LinkedIn Advanced Search is phenomenal. 
  • Lumpy mail still works in 2016! Our head copywriter has done hundreds of direct mail campaigns and the main factors at play here are selecting the right list, making the right offer and sending the right piece of “grabber content” in the mail.

Once the campaigns are live, the traffic factory follows a rolling 30-day advertising process that involves continuous testing and optimisation. I’ll be going through the traffic process in more detail in a future post.

So to wrap up, there are three key factories involved in reaching your ideal client at scale: The Research Factory, the Copy Factory and the Traffic Factory.

If you’re a business who is looking to really ramp up your leads this year and wants us to do this process for you, go to and let’s arrange a discussion.

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