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You own a business and you want it to make it grow, increase revenue and profit. Your competitors do too, and that’s where your main concern is; you need convince to your prospects that you, your company, products and services are the best fit for their need with personal branding.

Building authority in your marketplace is the best way to increase conversions. I am not talking “authority” like an arrogant and cocky way. I mean you grow your personal brand by providing value, excellence and insight in a way that stands out and draws prospect to you and AWAY FROM YOUR COMPETITION.

What is the principle of Authority? The principle of Authority states that people will tend to obey authority figures, even if the things that are being asked of them are objectionable. This is the reason you will stop when told to do so by a police officer…David Shaw

Last year I surveyed my community of over 10,000 entrepreneurs and marketers. I asked them what their biggest challenge was. I got 351 responses. (Not a bad response rate!) Some of the most common phrases that kept coming up were:

  • “I want to build my personal brand”
  • “Improve my positioning in my market place”
  • “Convert more prospects into clients”
  • “Get my name out there”
  • “Sell more books”
  • “Land more speaking gigs”
  • “Be a media personality”
  • “Be recognized as an expert”

Of course, there are countless ways to become the “go-to” person in your category – too many to cover in one article.

So in this article, I’m going to share with you a few simple tips that you can use today, to get lift off. ALL of them are accessible. NONE of them cost any money.

1. The “Oprah” strategy

Oprah personal branding

This is the simple secret that Oprah used to become one of the world’s highest paid celebrities. It’s the secret I personally used to create a bestselling book and world-class training course. And many of my clients have used it to great effect too!

The best part is…

It works in almost any market. It doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. And it can instantly propel you to be the ‘go-to’ person in your category.

Let me explain…

Most business owners have it backwards. They try to break into a new market by crawling in at the bottom. And then slowly climbing the ladder to the top.

For example, they enter a market they know nothing about. They spend months or even years forging a reputation. Then eventually, they may hit the big time. This is a painful and time-consuming way to become a market authority.

There’s a better solution…

Instead of trying to become an expert, become an authority by gathering together all of the other experts in your category in one place. That’s exactly what Oprah does. She knows very little about books, health, or psychology. But she brings together experts on these topics. She stood on the shoulders of experts… and then used their credibility to become a respected authority. If Oprah promotes a new diet or book, millions of people will listen. But she is not an expert on these things.

Here’s how you can do the same with personal branding.

The first thing you need to do is find experts in your market. There’s simple tool that does this called It works by searching people’s twitter profiles. To use it, just go to the website. Search for the main keyword in your market, followed by the words ‘author’, ‘expert’, ‘speaker’ or ‘writer’. FollowerWonk will give you a list of experts who you can contact.

The next step is to send each author an email. Tell them that you love their content and you want them to write an article for you…alternatively, you can ask to interview them. Some will refuse. Don’t worry because many will say ‘Yes’…

In a short time, you will have website full of expert articles and interviews without creating any content yourself.

How well does this personal branding system work?

I have personally used it to build an international following, become a bestselling author, and even get my own TV Show pilot. And now you can use it too!

Of course, this is only one way to get started – and it works best if you are trying to become an authority figure. If on the other hand, you have a traditional business you are trying to promote, this next personal branding strategy may be more suitable…

2. From Zero To Over 1.5 Million Listeners

How An Almost Unknown Podcaster Went From Practically Zero To Over 1.5 Million Listeners In Just A Few Short Months

personal branding radio

This second personal branding strategy was used to build an army of over 73,932 fans in a tiny pottery market… It has helped grow a business podcast from virtually zero to over 1.5 million monthly downloads in a highly competitive market.

Even better… It’s incredibly easy and quick to implement. It’s FREE…

By using it, you can place your brand smack bang in front of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people who would never have heard of you otherwise…

Here’s the story…

This breakthrough strategy was discovered by a novice podcaster called Paul Blais. Paul had a fantastic podcast with great information, interesting guests and unique content. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Paul worked, he struggled to build his audience. He had tried all the usual strategies – asking his guests to promote the show, sending out social media updates, and a dozen other things.

You name it, Paul tried it.

Yet, every time he published a new podcast, the numbers were disappointing…Paul had almost given up hope. Then one day, he discovered a simple way to get his brand in front of the masses. This amazingly strategy was so obvious, Paul was stunned that nobody else was using it…More importantly, the results were mind blowing… In fact, after using this strategy just a few times, Paul grew his podcast to over 1.5 million listeners a month…

What is this strategy? It’s just 3 simple steps.

  • No. 1 – Go on to
  • No. 2 – Write a short tweet about the content you want to promote
  • No. 3 – Add a popular hashtag related to your market at the end of the tweet

It sounds too simple, I know. But don’t let the ease fool you. This method is incredibly powerful.

You see, by using hashtags, your tweet will reach everyone interested in that topic – thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people. Take the hashtag #business for example. By placing that at the end of your tweet, you can be seen by everyone searching for business on Twitter. You can get your name in front of many thousands of people without spending a cent…AMAZING!!

Of course, building a profile is only one way to grow personal branding.

As you may know, launching a book is also a fantastic way to become a well-respected expert in your market. But many people struggle to turn their books into bestsellers…

That’s why in this third tip, I want to show you…

3.How to launch an Amazon bestseller
(without using expensive book tours or PR firms…)

public speaking own event

This easy-to-implement strategy is a fantastic way to steer your book firmly onto the path of success. It is effective in almost any market…And it works even if you are a complete unknown right now.

Here’s the story…

As you probably know, if you want your book to be a success on Amazon, you need lots of great reviews. But in order to get great reviews, you need to be selling books.

It’s a vicious cycle, it’s time to BREAK IT!

But thankfully you can break it, using this 3-step strategy…

  • Step 1 – Go to the top reviewers list on
  • Step 2 – Look for reviewers who read your type of book.
  • Step 3 – Send them an email asking them to review your book when it launches. The email should say who you are, what your book is about

That’s it!

Because even if only a small fraction of the top reviewers respond, it’s still a great result! I also recommend to use what Michael Hyatt calls your “Book launch team” You ask all of your friends, customers and followers to write a review of your book and promote it to their audiences, in exchange for a free copy of the book.

These personal branding strategies sound easy, but they are incredibly effective. How can I be so sure?

I personally used this strategy to turn my first book about email marketing into a bestseller while I was still an unknown author. I also used this personal branding strategy to turn a book by another author into the No. 1 marketing book on all of

And now it can help you too!

So there you have it…

Three simple tips to help launch your brand and build a personal branding profile. But there many other aspects to becoming an authority in your market – too many to go through in one article.

For example, how to get featured in top publications, how to land media gigs, how to get guest blogging opportunities and much more…

I cover more personal branding strategies in my book Feed A Starving Crowd. You can get a free copy from

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