How an arrogant bank nearly ruined Deepak’s life…

commercial dispute

Shop owner, Deepak (not his real name) was shaking uncontrollably as he put down the phone. His bank had just informed him that he had breached his EFTPOS merchant agreement. They also said that they were going to file a report that might affect his ability to obtain merchant facilities from another EFTPOS service provider. Deepak was now in a commercial dispute.

He tried to explain it was an accident, but the bank official had refused to listen. He told him smugly that they were cancelling his facilities.

Without EFTPOS, Deepak would lose the business he had spent his life building.

He would be ruined.

Especially because Christmas was just a few weeks away.

That was when he called the Commercial Dispute Management Centre for help…

When we couldn’t get a satisfactory response from the bank and time was running out before the EFTPOS facility would be shut down, our Commercial Dispute team immediately filed a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman.

We found a clause in his contract that proved the bank was wrong to cancel his account.

Within 5 days, we managed to fully resolve the matter to the satisfaction of both parties.

We achieved a win/win commercial outcome for both parties in a very short space of time leading up to the busy Christmas period… and Deepak was free to move to another bank.   

If we hadn’t applied our Commercial Dispute process, Deepak’s bank would have terminated the facility and made it impossible for him to get a replacement facility with another bank.

Of course, Deepak is one of the many clients we have helped with our unique 8-step Commercial Dispute process, which is:

  • Diagnosis: You tell us all about your dispute.
  • Triage: We plan the best way to resolve it.
  • Prognosis: You sign off on our recommendations.
  • Blueprint: We give you a blueprint for success.
  • Agreement: All parties commit to this blueprint.
  • Contain: We contain and de-escalate the conflict as required.
  • Manage: We progressively manage the dispute towards resolution.
  • Resolution: All parties achieve a commercially acceptable outcome.
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